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©2019 by Certified Foggles LLC                                                                             U.S. Patent Pending                                                                                 CertifiedFoggles@gmail.com

"Certified Foggles started out as a way for me to help pay for my student loans, but after seeing how much joy it brings my peers it has turned into so much more."


- Kyle McClung: Certified Foggles™ Founder, Airline Transport Pilot, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni


We believe in the true spirit of the aviator and put pilots first. As aviators ourselves, we have the experience to know what is wanted in the cockpit. We strive for perfection while knowing there's always room for improvement. At Certified Foggles we have found ways to innovate aviation.

  • No blinding glare

  • UV protection

  • Scratch Resistant Lenses

  • Adjustable Frames

  • Custom Lenses

We may not have solved the thrust = money & lift = magic algorithms, but we have solved the nuance problems that prevent you from scanning instruments with ease. All while doing it in style.


Patent Pending

Made in U.S.A.