See for yourself what the most trusted names in aviation have to say about Certified Foggles™.

Featured in AOPA Live This Week, Certified Foggles™ has been recognized as a pioneer in the advancement of the aviation community as "an easy way to make your flying less expensive and more fun."

AOPA Live This Week, September 2019

Proceed to 16 minutes to see why AOPA's Technical Editor, Jill Tallman, thinks Certified Foggles "...are an easy way to make your flying less expensive and more fun."

"Not only do they have dozens of designs that you can choose from, you can also custom design a foggle. So if you have a flying club or a flight school with a logo you would like to use they will set that up for you."

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AOPA Pilot Magazine, April 2020

Certified Foggles has been honored with the privilege of being featured in the world's largest aviation community's magazine; AOPA Pilot magazine. 


Pickup your copy of the April 2020 issue and turn to page 46 to see why Certified Foggles was chosen to be published by such a highly regarded organization.


Other than our shared interests in expressing the fun that can found in aviation, the article goes on to discuss why you should choose Certified Foggles over traditional IFR training glasses the next time you practice your instrument training.

"Aside from being funky and fun, Certified Foggles are functional.

The adhesive film that serves as the base for the design also cuts out the glare that can  occur with plain fogged lenses."

- AOPA Technical Editor, Jill Tallman

Podcast Interview

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